About Us






The Watershed Wellness Center was established to educate the world about natural health and demystify the many misconceptions of how natural health is achieved. Our goal is to provide quality, natural health products that lead to great health.






Spartan Enterprises, Inc. is founded and begins bottling water in Dewitt, MI. Introduces Michigan Mineral – Premium Natural Water to convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Michigan.


Michigan Mineral becomes the largest selling bottled water in Lansing, Michigan. 



The Watershed is established in Lansing, MI.The first company to begin selling Water Ionizers and Ionized Water by the gallon in the United States.

Becomes Lansing’s largest 5 gallon bottled water and water cooler distributor. 
Begins importing and marketing Chlorella and Spirulina.



Becomes the largest importer of Water Ionizers and Chlorella in North America.
Becomes the North American exclusive representative for the Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company,

the world's largest Chlorella producer.



Becomes the US exclusive importer of Jupiter Water Ionizers (Dong Yang Science), Seoul, Korea.


Achieving Great HealthRadio Program is started, the first radio program in North America that promotes the raw food diet and other natural ways to health.


WWC becomes the exclusive U.S. importer of water ionizers produced in Taiwan




Trademarks Nature Built™ as its official brand name.
“Designed by Nature’s Hand” becomes official motto of the WWC. 
Begins tableting Spirulina and Chlorella with Herbal Extracts, which is first on the market.




Becomes the US largest importer of Chlorella & Water Ionizers from Taiwan 8 new chlorella combined with herbal combinations were added to the WWC product line.
First launch of the NatureBuilt® Products of Spirulina, Chlorella, Herbal Extracts, Pet Products and Angstrom Minerals.


Moved to our new facility in Lansing, MI. 8x the size of the old building.


Creates the Every Wednesday Sale which is immediately successful,

and therefore copied by numerous other businesses.


Dr. Bob's Naturals - Brand launch.


Complete office and warehouse restructuring of the Watershed, stream-lining effeciency so we can deliver the Healthiest products on earth to you at an affordable price. What has often been called the "Watershed Way" of doing business now will be the only way we do business, fairly, friendly and now - efficiently. 
Purchased a high-speed pouch-filler, a Durapak M-7. Watershed becomes a contract packager or co-packer. 

New partnership with Superior Man Naturals, LLC to distribute Dr. Bob's Naturals brand worldwide.