Potassium Sodium - (16 oz. bottle)

Potassium Sodium - (16 oz. bottle)

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SKU: 235 - Potassium Sodium

Potassium Sodium - (16 oz. bottle)

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Potassium is an electrolyte known as the “Great Alkalizer”. It is required by the muscles, heart, brain and nerves. Potassium regulates blood pressure.

Sodium is is an electrolyte that is required for muscle movement. It maintains osmotic pressure inside each cell, bodily fluid balance and acid-base balance. Sodium is required for nerve health and stomach acid (HCL) production. It helps prevent heat stroke.

Ingredients: Pure Sodium and Potassium. Purified water.

Take one cupful of liquid Angstrom Minerals and hold under your tongue for 2-10 minutes then swallow the remainder. The longer you hold the minerals there, the more they will be absorbed into the body.

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