God's Path to Disease-Free Living - What the Scriptures Tell Us About Health

God's Path to Disease-Free Living - What the Scriptures Tell Us About Health

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Jesus speaks of the body as being the living temple of God and refers to His own body as a temple. His words are misunderstood, as was much of His message to those who lived in those times. The Bible states that health and wellness are found with God. If your body is full of disease, it is because of the choices you have made. All disease comes from our diet. Our genes have nothing to do with whether we get sick or not. Disease does not run in our families due to genetics but rather dietary habits that tend to lead to many of the same diseases. If we want to be healthy, we must hydrate, alkalize, and detoxify (HAD) our bodies, which creates an environment of health within the body. Alkaline Ionized Water is an antioxidant produced by electrolysis that Hydrates, Alkalizes, and Detoxifies the body when consumed. Alkaline Ionized Water is the healthiest substance we can put in the body because there is nothing better for us than water and there is no better water than ionized water. The most common cause of disease is that people don’t drink enough water, which leads to chronic cellular dehydration, where the body’s cells are unable to function to their capacity and serve the body as they are meant to.
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