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  • Homeostatic Balance
  • Healthy Blood Glucose
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Immunity
  • Sustained Energy
  • Restful Sleep

GinST15 is an enzyme fermented that offer 15x better absorption at 4x a faster rate.

  1. First, Ilhwa uses white ginseng root that has not been peeled, as peeling removes the minor rootlets and hair rootlets that carry key bioactive compounds. 
  2. Second, they use a proprietary low heat vacuum extraction of the whole unpeeled root, which maintains the vitamins, amino acid profile and organic germanium lost in the high heat steaming process used in traditional processing.
  3. Third, Ilhwa harvests the roots at the optimum time between the 4th and 5th year. In comparison, red ginseng extract available from most companies use the traditional 6 year harvested root.
  4. Finally and most importantly, Ilhwa uses a proprietary enzyme fermentation process to improve absorption. High-yield enzyme fermentation mimics the fermentation that occurs in the intestine to transform ginsenosides to an end-stage metabolite called compound K or IH-901. Compound K has been proposed to be the most bioavailable metabolite from colonic fermentation.

Fermented ginseng extract containing this metabolite have been shown to have many adaptogenic qualities such as strong antioxidant, anti-stress, hepatoprotective, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory activities as well as support healthy glucose and lipid regulation. In addition, GS15-4® has been clinically proven to provide 15 times increased absorption, 4 times faster absorption and 4 times more consistent absorption. In addition, the fermentation process also provides an improved taste profile compared to conventional ginseng extracts. Improved bioavailability means improved adaptogenic support for fatigue and stress.



Form: Paste

Dosage: 1/4 gram (1/16 tsp) twice daily, once in the morning, once before bed.  Place under the tongue for 20 - 30 seconds for immediate absorption. 






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