Celtic Sea Salt 8oz shaker

Celtic Sea Salt 8oz shaker

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Celtic Sea Salt 8oz shaker



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Celtic Sea Salt 8 oz shaker

Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Fine Ground is the same type of salt as our coarser Light Grey Celtic® variety, dried at a low temperature then finely ground. Celtic Sea Salt® Fine Ground has no additives and is not processed in any way beyond drying and grinding. With a flavor subtler than that of the coarser variety, it is an all-purpose shaker salt convenient for use at the table or in baking. Our Celtic Sea Salt® fine ground is kosher and certified organic by Nature and Progres, the highest level of certification allowed in Europe.



Salt, being an electrical conductor, actually energizes the body. True sea salt, or Celtic salt, contains 92 essential minerals. Salt works most efficiently in the body in the presence of magnesium, potassium and calcium, which are found in natural, unprocessed salt. Refined table salt retains only two of them and is but a shadow of natural salt’s magnificent health properties. The molecular structure of table salt has been dramatically altered by the high temperature (400 – 500°F) at which it is processed. Several methods are used to refine salt. Minerals are removed from iodized salt (table salt) using chemicals such as chorine, hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. Refined salt also has several anti-caking agents, such as phosphate, yellow prussiate of soda, ferrocyanide. and tri-calcium. It is even processed with aluminum in some cases. Any salt that flows freely has been exposed to anti-caking agents to prevent it from absorbing moisture, adversely affecting its absorption into the body. Heated and washed, salt is white and therefore, like processed sugar, more easily marketed. Commercially processed table salt is a poison and should be avoided.

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