Magtein: Miracle Magnesium for the Brain Veggie Capsules

Magtein: Miracle Magnesium for the Brain Veggie Capsules

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Magtein: Miracle Magnesium for the Brain 
60 - 600mg Veggie Capsules

Dosage: 2 caps in the morning.  2 caps before bed.
Make sure to take Magnesium and Calcium at least 2 hours apart.  

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Magtein is a form called magnesium-L-threonate and was originally created to enhance memory in Alzheimer’s patients. There are two types of memory – good and bad memory or what is known as fear memory. Fear memory is bad memories which often results in phobias and anxiety. You don’t know why you’re afraid of something, such as spiders, or heights. These fears become imprinted in our brains as memory and get buried causing anxiety that are often unexplained, and sometimes crippling. Researchers who were developing Magtein were worried that it would increase the good and the fear memory. To their surprise Magtein actually increased the good memory, and decreased fear memory. It was complete surprise that it did.

Magnesium is the most important mineral for our health. It is required by the heart and brain. When you have a heart attack the first thing they do when you arrive at the hospital is put you on a magnesium drip. The brain is incredibly sensitive to magnesium levels. In fact, the more magnesium there is in the brain of animals, the smarter they are. The same is true for humans.


Magtein increases the neurons and synapse density in the brain and therefore synaptic function and activity in the brain. Magnesium repairs the damaged synapses of the brain, which is the cause of the various types of neurological and brain-related diseases, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Disease, etc. People with these diseases have low magnesium levels in the brain. 


Brain bio-availability and absorbability of magnesium is generally not high. It’s difficult for magnesium to cross the brain/blood barrier. Magtein is the only form of magnesium that has the ability to do that, cross the brain/blood barrier. It builds the brain and increases memory function tremendously by increasing synaptic activity. 


Magtein is tasteless and completely water soluble. Taking 2 capsules in the morning you will not get the mental fatigue at the end of the day. Taking 2 capsules before bed will help you sleep deeper, remember your dreams and not have anxiety during the night. We often wake up and can’t sleep because we are worried about things we can do nothing about. Magtein helps to relieve anxiety, as does the herb Valerian. 


I have been using it daily for the last 1 year and I can tell you without any doubt that Magtein is one of the best brain products every developed. It's Amazing!





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