Pili Nuts - Original 1 lb

Pili Nuts - Original 1 lb

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SKU: 518 - Nut - Pili - 1lb
Original Flavored - 1lb
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Pili nuts are little known and surprisingly delicious. They are a rich source of omega fat. They aid digestion and are an anti-inflammatory. They provide cardio, bone, skin, nerve cell and brain support. Pili nuts should be consumed raw to get the full nutritional impact and not disturb the balance of healthy fat.

Benefits of Pili Nuts


Eating pili nuts moderately can allow you enjoy the below Keto and Paleo dietary benefits:


Facilitating Digestion


Pili nuts are an excellent way to optimize digestion and improve gastrointestinal health. The fiber found in this highly effective nuts can aid in the stimulation of peristaltic motion and halt constipation and hemorrhoids.


Accelerate Weight Loss


Pili nuts can aid weight loss effectively because of the fiber and healthy cholesterol balance found in them. Its cholesterol-balancing effects can improve metabolic efficiency, meaning your body will burn fat quickly and more efficiently.


Treatment of Inflammation


Pili nuts are naturally anti-inflammatory substances because of their rich antioxidant content. Antioxidants primarily remove free radicals. Free radicals can increase inflammation in the body because they cause oxidative stress.


Balance Cholesterol Levels


The omega-3 fatty acids, found in pili nuts, can balance your cholesterol levels by eliminating excess amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. This lowers the risk of developing heart conditions like atherosclerosis. It also prevents heart attacks and strokes.


Prevention of Chronic Diseases


The impressive antioxidants levels in pili nuts can help keep the body system operating more efficiently. It can neutralize the dangerous byproducts from cellular metabolism before they make healthy cells mutate or malfunction.

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